The Process



The paving process consist of three different phases: Concrete/Asphalt Removal, Sub-base preparation, and Concrete/Asphalt Installation.

Concrete/Asphalt Removal

  • Saw-cuts are completed to protect any pavement to remain.
  • All concrete/asphalt will be removed by machines and laborers.
  • Old material is hauled off site and disposed of properly.

Next Steps

Sub-Base Preparation

  • The gravel or Base underneath the old pavement may or may not need to be replaced. We will know once we pull up the concrete/asphalt
  • The base is graded and pitched for proper water drainage.
  • Once graded, the base is compacted prior to concrete/asphalt installation.



Final Steps

Concrete/Asphalt Installation

  • Concrete/Asphalt is then installed over the compacted gravel base.
  • Concrete is poured onto the gravel base and the asphalt is installed using a paving machine.
  • Concrete is leveled, finished, and ready to set. Asphalt is rolled and compacted.

Our Textures

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Our Colours

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